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Lien Writer® Software Versions:

Choosing the Version of Lien Writer® that is Right for your Business

All Lien Writer® versions are based on the same core ability to provide the mechanic’s lien forms a company needs to ensure their lien rights are protected. To fit each customer’s needs, the program is available in Single-State, Tri-State, Multi-State, Multi-State Thin Client, and Pro versions. 

In general, when determining which version is right for them, a potential customer must consider two things:

Determine number of states

The potential customer must determine the number of states for which they need to produce documents for preliminary notices, releases or mechanic’s liens. Single-State versions of the software will only produce forms for the state where the potential customer does business. The Tri-State version will allow the user to produce forms for up to three states, and the Multi-State version provides forms for all 50 states, Canada, and the U.S. territories.

Choose Multi-State version for multiple companies

Only Lien Writer® Multi-State versions provide users with the added ability to create forms for an unlimited number of additional companies. So, if a potential customer will need to produce forms in the name of a DBA or a sister company, they may need the Multi-State version even if only doing business in just one state.

Lien Writer® Multi-State Thin Client

Lien Writer® Multi-State Thin Client is available for companies who use CITRIX and Terminal Server-based environments. If there are any questions about what computing system your company uses, contact your I.T. department. (In general, most users do not require the Multi-State Thin Client version of the software.)

Lien Writer® Pro

Lien Writer® Pro is designed for lien services professionals. In addition to the features offered in the Multi-State version of the program, Pro offers both an added capacity to track printed forms, apply dynamic pricing schemas and generate invoices for lien documents created on behalf of clients, and to rapidly draw information submitted from a website into the program.

“As the first client of Lien Writer we have used the system for well over 20 years. We process hundreds of preliminary notices and hundreds of lien waivers each month. Lien Writer makes the process simple and is easy!”

Jan Wheelock

Credit Manager at ASC Profiles, LLC