Lien Writer® Software from FWM Software

We have more than 28 years of developing products for a number of industries, including the Building Construction Industry.

Lien Writer® is the premier software solution for creating preliminary notices, lien warning notices, mechanics’ liens, and releases.

Lien Writer® is designed to lend clarity, ease of use, and efficiency to the mechanics’ lien process.

Lien Writer® is the perfect fit for both large companies looking to streamline their office procedures and small contractors who just need to print a few documents a year. Up-to-date documents are available for all fifty states, Canada and the U.S. territories.

Simplicity: Lien Writer® only requires users to enter names, dates, address and dollar amounts related to their jobs. After that, printing forms is as simple as clicking the Print button.

Efficiency: Lien Writer® stores commonly used information. If it is needed for a future job, Lien Writer® will quickly recall the information as you type. A mass printing option allows you to create large quantities of documents in coordinated print runs. Certified Mail number management features allow USPS Certified Mail numbers to be automatically assigned as documents are printed and provide itemized accountable mail reports. Share records over your internal network, so document workloads can be distributed dynamically throughout the office.

Manageability: Lien Writer® contains an entire suite of reports and features designed to allow control over the lien process. Lien Writer’s Tracker allows managers and users to quickly be apprised of the status of their pre lien, lien warnings, liens, and releases. Administrative controls allow a company administrator to effectively control graduated levels of access to the program.

Compliance: Lien Writer® relies on many legal resources, including in-house legal counsel, to ensure all forms are up-to-date and follow the latest changes in the law, including local rules.

Dependability: Lien Writer® has been serving clients in the building trades for more than two decades. Our commitment to our craft and to our clients has been time-tested by thousands of users throughout the United States and Canada.