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Why Choose Lien Writer®

Lien Writer® is the premier software solution for creating preliminary notices, lien warning notices, mechanics’ liens, and releases.


Lien Writer® only requires users to enter names, dates, address and dollar amounts related to their jobs. After that, printing forms is as simple as clicking the Print button.


FWM Software uses different Attorneys in different states to supply us with the current legal information concerning Lien Writer’s forms. We work closely with this group Attorney’s and legal professionals to make sure Lien Writer is compliant in all 50 states, 10 Canadian Provinces and all U.S. Territories. When there is a change in lien law regarding a state or states, our attorneys notify us of the specific change and the effective date of the new law and we make the necessary changes in Lien Writer based on their information and recommendations. Our mission is to give our customers the most up to date and accurate forms possible.


Lien Writer® has been serving clients in the building trades for more than two decades. Our commitment to our craft and to our clients has been time-tested by thousands of users throughout the United States and Canada.

Lien writing software, what Lien Writer® is about

Lien Writing software is designed to offer an easy to use tool for printing forms for the mechanics’ lien process. A user can enter their applicable job data and print the forms they need in moments. As jobs progress, users can return to Lien Writer® and print out any other related form needed, without the hassle of re-entering all the relevant job information.

our specialization

Preliens and Preliminary Notices

Lien Writer can be used to generate Preliens and Preliminary Notices.

Lien Waivers and Warning Notices

FWM Software's Lien Writer can produce Lien Waivers and Warning Notices.

Mechanic's Liens, Stop Notices and Releases

Lien Writer can generate Mechanic's Liens, Stop Notices and Releases.

Lien Writer® lien writing software offers a suite of features to help organize and simplify the administration of the lien document process, including:


Mass Printing options allow users to generate hundreds of preliens, releases, or mechanics’ liens at once.


Lien Writer® software can assign Certified Mail numbers to each form printed and generate a Firm Log of Accountable Mail.

Management & Tracking

The Tracker allows for a quick, comprehensive, real-time view of each job displayed in an easy to read color-coded aging display.

Scalability & Affordability

Lien Writer® can be scaled to fit businesses of any size. There is no limit on the amount of users that can be added.

our clients

“As the first client of Lien Writer we have used the system for well over 20 years. We process hundreds of preliminary notices and hundreds of lien waivers each month. Lien Writer makes the process simple and is easy!”

Jan Wheelock

Credit Manager at ASC Profiles, LLC

“Our company uses Lien Writer software because it’s a proven work horse. Lien Writer helps us complete 1,500 preliminary notices per month, secure $400m in receivables annually and file 150 liens annually; resulting in $2.5m in lien claims paid annually. Simply put Lien Writer gets results.”

Blake Hall

Sr. Portfolio Risk Manager at Lehigh Hanson, Inc

“Anytime I have any issues or problems, support is almost immediate. Lien Writer is the Greatest Asset for our Company - and is a plethora of excellent information. If ever there was a computer program created that was imperative to the management of construction projects, outside of accounting, THIS IS IT!”

Kate Brennan

Office Manager at SLO Plastering, Inc.