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Lien writing software, 
what Lien Writer® 
is about:

At its core:

Lien Writing software is designed to offer an easy to use tool for printing forms for the mechanics’ lien process. A user can enter their applicable job data and print the forms they need in moments. As jobs progress, users can return to Lien Writer® and print out any other related form needed, without the hassle of re-entering all the relevant job information.

This ease of use translates to efficiency for credit managers, accounts receivables, controllers and other lien processing professionals responsible for managing the mechanics’ lien documentation for hundreds of jobs, or just one.

Lien Writer® 
is a leading Lien Writing 
Software, designed to 
lend clarity, ease of use, 
and efficiency to the 
mechanics’ lien process.

Lien Writer® lien writing software offers a suite of features:


• Mass Printing options allow users to generate hundreds of preliens, releases, or mechanics’ liens at once.

• Pettit Form compatibility. Print lien forms with addresses and USPS Certified Mail information at once, onto a single form designed by Pettit-Manifold Forms to fold into its own envelope, and greatly simplify the mailing process.


• USPS Certified Mail number tracking. Lien Writer® software can assign Certified Mail numbers to each form printed and generate a Firm Log of Accountable Mail for maximum accountability..

Management & Tracking:

• The Tracker allows for a quick, comprehensive, real-time view of each job displayed in an easy to read color-coded aging display.

• Internal Calendar and Calendar in Microsoft Outlook tools allow users to track their important lien dates within Lien Writer or in MS Outlook. A suite of reports is available for managerial review and analysis.


• Lien Writer® software is available in many different versions intended to be affordable for both individuals doing only a few jobs in a single state or large corporations serving both the U.S. and Canada.


• Lien Writer® can be scaled to fit businesses of any size. There is no limit on the amount of users that can be added to access the program database, and versions of the software are available for both Local Area Network environments and Thin Client environments.

“Our company uses Lien Writer software because it’s a proven work horse. Lien Writer helps us complete 1,500 preliminary notices per month, secure $400m in receivables annually and file 150 liens annually; resulting in $2.5m in lien claims paid annually. Simply put Lien Writer gets results.”

Blake Hall

Sr. Portfolio Risk Manager at Lehigh Hanson, Inc

Franklin Moore

CEO, FWM Software

Lien Writer® is the perfect fit for both large companies looking to streamline their office procedures and small contractors who just need to print a few documents a year. Up-to-date documents are available for all fifty states, Canada and the U.S. territories.