The Lien Writer® Newsletter November 29th, 2018

Program Defaults

The Defaults for Lien Writer® portion of the program, found under the Setup section of the Main Menu, is important to all users of Lien Writer® but for different reasons. This is why each user of the Lien Writer® program, whether Single State, Multi-State, Pro or Citrix/Terminal Server, has their own copies of the Initial.dbf/fpt files for their individual use.  But there are sections of this system that are shared by all program users:

As we designed the System Defaults section of the program over the last 27 years, we found that many users in multiple station offices had reasons for doing some portion of their forms differently then other users in the same office.  Therefore, we set up the System Defaults files to allow each station to be individualized to the user.  Each black field set up in the defaults section is individual to that user of the program:

We still get a number of calls each month from new users stating that their program’s System Defaults set up is not the same as with other users in their office.  This is intentional.  If you want to set up a standard on one computer, but have that set up apply to all computers, we suggest that you print each of the screens of System Defaults (using the F12 key) from the first station you set up and then set up each other stations with the same configuration.  If you are setting up each station with different configurations, again use the F12 key to print each individual station’s configuration screens and save them for the event you have to set up that particular station again.  This will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Now, in System Defaults there are a few fields that apply to all stations in a Lien Writer® network.  These fields, set up in green, are found on Pages 4 and 8 of most Lien Writer® programs:

And on Page 15 of Lien Writer® Pro programs:

Any station in the network that makes changes to a green field will change that setting in all of the Lien Writer® programs in the network.

Keeping Up To Date With Lien Writer®

The current version on the street is our version.

It is easy to update Lien Writer®:

  1. If you are using a Lien Writer®version or before, first run Lien Writer®, then go to Help / About Lien Writer and write down your version number and expiration date for verification;
  2. Open your Internet or Google Explorer;
  3. Go to our website at;
  4. Click on Lien_Program_Installer v10.1.1.1;
  5. The site will ask where you want the program to download.  Put it in a directory location you want, or just download to the Desktop.  Normally, it should take less than 5 minutes;
  6. Once the program is downloaded, go to the directory site, or the Desktop, and double click on the Lien_Program_Installer v10.1.1.1The program will begin installing and updating your data files;
  7. If the former program was of the 10.x.x.xseries, it will simply update.  If your version is of the or less, it will install but you will need to get a update code.  Call (530) 622-1344,or write us at to receive your new code;
  9. Once you update, just use the program as you have always used it

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